Tractor Parts and Accessories in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe experiences a lot of climatic changes throughout the year of different sorts. It usually pours all year, in nearly all the regions of Zimbabwe. In summers there is scorching heat that can man melt snow capes. And winters can be freezing cold, especially in the hilly areas, where the intensity is way too much to handle. Rain is another factor, with thunderstorms, and sometimes it rains so much that it becomes almost unbearable. Thus farmers must have a type of shield or anything related to guarding them against the rain whilst being on the tractor. Also, other weather changes can prove very harsh for the operators so protection becomes a necessity.

Tractors Zimbabwe wants to supply the farmers of Zimbabwe with potentially anything they need related to farming purposes. We sell some attachments generally known as parts and accessories in Zimbabwe. These parts and accessories basically are of two kinds: a Cabin and a folding canopy.

Get to know the products before purchasing

Tractors Zimbabwe is a company that sells Tractors attachments, parts and accessories for tractors in Zimbabwe. Tractors Zimbabwe is a well-known tractor dealer and other related equipment dealer company, as we sell brand new Massey Ferguson tractors, New Holland and Massive tractors in Zimbabwe.

Tractors Zimbabwe is the largest tractor company in Zimbabwe and holds the full trust of its customers. We are admired for our services and are becoming a brand enterprise in Zimbabwe. We export our agricultural machinery from Pakistan to companies who distribute machinery throughout the world. Our Cabin and folding canopies are of unrivaled quality and are manufactured by the Massey Ferguson brand. These are available for sale in Zimbabwe at a suitable price range.


It is human nature to find out the basics of the product that we are interested in buying. The basic purpose of a cabin is to provide desirable working conditions to the operators of tractors and combines by shielding any climatic hazard they are going to face. The cabins being sold at Tractors Zimbabwe perform all the duties that a shield must provide. Manufactured in such a manner that it can fit a tractor of any type, is its unique quality. Our cabin has a sturdy material used for its manufacturing. This allows it to remain efficient without even budging once.

Folding canopy

Well, the folding canopy is another type of shield that can perform the same function as a cabin. Folding canopies are simpler as compared to cabins yet they are highly efficient as well. Extraordinary material is used in manufacturing our folding canopies and is perfectly designed to fit most of the machines. Our canopies are known for their adjustability for up, pitch and down adjustments. The folding canopy can be folded up and can be folded back to its position adding great value to its use.

What are the uses of a Cabin and a folding canopy?

As informed already, farmers of Zimbabwe have to go through various climate changes. To protect the operator of the tractors and combines from these climate changes, both cabin and folding canopy are put to use. Our human body can only take so much and gets exhausted, resulting in some necessary work getting delayed. So if there is any relief that can allow the drivers to work for longer hours, can make a great difference. Thus both cabin and folding canopy can be used as shields for operators.

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