For shipping a container to Zimbabwe, your best option is to choose Tractors Zimbabwe

Tractors Zimbabwe employs the services of reputable shipping firms to ensure the safe delivery of your farm equipment in Zimbabwe.

Tractors Zimbabwe uses different techniques and methods to provide shipping services from and to Zimbabwe. Some of the common Shipment methods are:

  • Containerized Shipment: Shipments made using containers are more secure and risk-free. Tractors Zimbabwe put agricultural machinery and freight into 20-foot and 40-foot containers and then secures them for transport. Services for transporting containers between ports and between locations (door to port) are available from Tractors Zimbabwe;
  • Combined Shipment: A combined shipment or commingled shipment is one in which cargo has been intermingled with that of other shipments. The receiver may not get what was intended if many shipments are jumbled together. Customers who make several orders at once may take advantage of combined shipping to have all of their things sent in a single box and save multiple shipping charges. In most cases, a single shipment will be sent out if an order is placed with Tractors Zimbabwe for no more than two farm implements and there are enough of those products in stock to meet the order;
  • Internal Transportation: Transport inside Zimbabwe is handled by our internal transportation network, which refers to the transportation of commodities that begins and ends inside the territory of the same Contracting Party. It contributes actively to the rapid product flow at the process level, as well as efficient handling, and transport, and offers a high degree of safety against damage and loss of value;
  • Direct Shipment: When goods are sent directly to consumers, they do not stop at any intermediary locations. The conventional distribution system is bypassed by this strategy (wholesaler and retailer). The service provider will save money on transportation and storage fees. It cuts down on the time it takes to get the goods to the customer and the price they have to pay. For instance, we might utilize this corridor to ship tractors and other farm implements from Pakistan to Zimbabwe.