Kubota DC-93 Combine Harvester in Zimbabwe

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-93
Horsepower: 93hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 120L
Cutting width (mm): 2182
Ability to Harvest: 85 or less by hooking in the fall direction


Importance of Combine harvesters in Zimbabwe

Combine harvesters in Zimbabwe have gained a reputation as some of the most reliable and trustworthy agricultural machinery. This is owing to the fact that combine harvesters in Zimbabwe produce a lot of food while requiring little in the way of resources to maintain. In both the short and long term, combine harvester customers have a fair chance of profiting from the machine’s high levels of efficiency and precision. Because it automates the processes of rice harvesting and transplanting, this approach has allowed rice farmers to cut their labor costs while also increasing the production of their crop. Combine harvesters for sale from Tractors Zimbabwe may be found at reasonable prices in the country. Between 60 and 105 horsepower is available to these harvesters.


Features of the Kubota DC-93

Powerful engines and a peak speed of 2 m/s enable the DC-93 to go over paddy fields more quickly and efficiently than other vehicles of its kind. An increase in harvesting width of 2.18 meters reduces paddy field damage and reduces the number of rotations required for harvesting at a rate of around 20 percent. Using the DC-93 machine’s wide crawlers may help decrease ground contact pressure. Even muddy fields are no match for them. It is essential for farmers to consider the weather and field conditions while preparing for harvesting, thus selecting a harvester machine that can handle a variety of weather and field conditions is essential. To address these issues, Kubota created the DC-93 Combine Harvester. As a result of its excellent mud flow, the DC-93 is capable of harvesting fallen rice from paddy fields that are as much as 400 mm deep. Grain capacity of over 1800 L on the DC-93 combine harvester ensures harvesting may continue without often emptying the capacitance tank. As the combine harvester travels through different paddy growing locations, its speed may increase. Investing in a DC-93 combine harvester is considered a solid long-term investment.


Why DC-93 is the preferred combine harvester by farmers?

Because the DC-93’s reaping breadth may reach 2.18 meters, it requires less spins to harvest as efficiently and as productively as the DC-93 does. In Zimbabwe, the DC-93 Kubota combine harvester is well-known for its excellent mudflow. Consequently, even in paddy areas with inadequate drainage, the combine may remain upright. This combine harvester may also be used to gather rice panicles that have fallen to the ground. These forces work together to hold the combine securely in place on the ground, even in compacted soil. In Zimbabwe, the only harvester of its kind, the Kubota DC-93 harvester, is flexible, result-oriented, and adaptable to fluctuating soil and weather conditions. With the use of new technology, farmers in Zimbabwe are now able to harvest wheat, maize, rice, as well as other crops in a timely manner.


Why farmers trust Tractors Zimbabwe to purchase DC-93?

Tractors Zimbabwe has long been a go-to source for agricultural machinery and mechanized farm implements for sale in Zimbabwe. Look no further, if you want to buy Kubota combine harvesters, including the DC-93! Due to its high-quality, highly automated agricultural machinery and cutting-edge technology, Tractors Zimbabwe is one of the top agricultural machinery and tractor dealers in Zimbabwe. It aims to provide Zimbabwe’s agriculture sector with high-quality Pakistani agricultural machinery. Modern agricultural farming methods, such as automated agricultural farming, boost a country’s capacity to meet the demands of its own inhabitants and to expand exports.

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