New Holland 70-56 Tractor in Zimbabwe

Model / Type: New Holland 70-56
Horse Power: 85hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color : Red


The 70-56 from New Holland tractors in Zimbabwe features an 85-horsepower flywheel on its high-performance engine. The three-point link hydraulic lifter and the square fender with a flat top distinguish the operating weight of the New Holland 70-56. All-wheel drive gives it an edge over the NH 640, which has the same horsepower. This machine is more efficient because of its enhanced traction. The New Holland 70-56’s hydrostatic power steering makes driving more enjoyable. The four-piston cylinders have a 104*115mm piston diameter and a stroke of 3908 ccs. At its highest, it can produce torque as high as 27 kilobits per inch (in Newton meters). Standard features include an eight-speed automatic gearbox and a dual-clutch plate measuring 305mm*254mm. This machine’s hydraulic system is powered by Lift-o-Matic, the most recent hydraulic technology. The hydraulic pump of the 70-56 New Holland Tractor for sale has a flow rate of 34.5 kg/cm2.


Pros of the New Holland 70-56 tractor

An increase in productivity is the most obvious benefit of employing a NH 70-56 tractor. This tractor’s hydraulic power steering adds to the enjoyment of driving. Farmers and horticulturists alike may benefit from the versatility of the 70-56 New Holland tractor for sale. In both agriculture and horticulture, they may be used to great effect. This makes administering and utilizing them easy because of all of these properties.


New Holland tractors are suitable for Zimbabwean famers for their low cost of maintenance

New Holland tractor for sale is one of the most cost-effective options for Zimbabwe’s agricultural industry. Because of the hydrostatic power, the vehicle’s steering is at its peak capability. New Holland tractors in Zimbabwe give the country’s most complete assortment of agricultural machinery with a broad variety of specialized financing options and dependable parts and servicing. Every farmer knows they can depend on a New Holland tractor in Zimbabwe to get the job done. Tractors Zimbabwe offers New Holland tractors for sale, which are well-known for their versatility when compared to other brands and model names. Zimbabwean New Holland tractors for sale not only have a robust mechanization system but they also have low operating costs and are quite simple to maintain.


Farmers trust New Holland tractors in Zimbabwe to get the job done

To get their tasks done swiftly and comfortably, farmers in Zimbabwe rely on New Holland Tractors for sale. If you want to get the job done fast and effectively, a New Holland tractor in Zimbabwe is a fantastic investment. New Holland tractors for sale in Zimbabwe are quite popular. These tractors have a stellar reputation for dependability and productivity, which is a testament to the company’s dedication to offering high-quality goods and services. The New Holland tractors are the most cost-effective since they have all of the options a farmer could ever want. This vehicle’s hydrostatic power steering is the most precise and quick on the road today.


Why farmers trust Tractors Zimbabwe?

One of the leading tractor dealers in Zimbabwe sells a broad range of agricultural machinery. Tractors Zimbabwe has helped some farmers care for their animals in addition to helping them generate and improve their agricultural output. This allows them to grow their enterprises more quickly and easily.

Tractors Zimbabwe has helped these farmers realize their dreams since they were able to acquire New Holland tractors in Zimbabwe. You can also get your hands on a New Holland tractor now by calling us on our given numbers.