Boom Sprayer

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A boom sprayer is among the very basic farm implements that every farmer should own. This tractor-mounted farm implement can spray even coats of fertilizers necessary for the essential growth of primary crops of Zimbabwe. Moreover, preventing fully grown crops from the attack of hazardous insects is also a task and when done manually wasn’t as productive but with boom sprayers for sale at Tractors Zimbabwe, the spraying of herbicide and insecticide is even and swift and the productivity is unmeasurable.


  • Multipurpose and affordable.
  • Growing crops are more secure than ever.
  • Nozzles are of genuine quality.
  • The tanks of the boom sprayers are made up of virgin polyethylene tank that is both chemical and UV resistant.
  • The tank color is solid preventing the frequent recurrence of algae.
  • Three-point universal linkage.
  • PTO driven.
  • Multiple crops can be sprayed with the help of this farm implement.
  • Type of nozzle tyre is Teejet/ Conical.
  • Is compatible with all the tractors featuring 50 HP.
  • The recorded maximum length is 10 M.
  • Tank capacity available are 500 Ltr, 600 Ltr, 800 Ltr, and 1000 Ltr.


Farmers of Zimbabwe are diligently working to ensure farming goals are reached and maximum crop ratios can be reached within minimum time. To assist Zimbabwean farmers in reaching their expected goals, Tractors Zimbabwe offers the most affordable and dexterous farm implements that are responsible to amplify farming ratios while reducing ratios of strenuous input of the same farmers. Therefore, get in touch with our sales team or visit our website, once provided with comprehensive details, decide whether to invest in our highly productive and result-oriented farm implements or not.