Potato Digger

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A potato digger is a tractor-mounted farm implement that is mainly responsible for harvesting potatoes without damaging them. A potato digger makes use of a digger web that picks up potatoes and transfers these potatoes to the sieving web where the excess sand picked along the potatoes is sieved out. The potato digger components include a shovel, two-gauge wheels, rod chain conveyor, and gearbox.


  • Is verified under the laws of ISO 9001 verification.
  • Of genuine quality.
  • Potatoes obtained from the field are injury free.
  • This farm implement uses circular blades to easily chop the potato stalks.
  • Affordable and durable.
  • Loose soil is sieved out.
  • A hydraulic drive is attached to the farm implement, catalyzing the harvesting of potatoes.
  • All tractors featuring 50 Hp or above are compatible.
  • The average seed capacity is measured to be 240 to 600 Kg.
  • The estimated line-to-line capacity is 28 inches to 300 inches.
  • The average working width is measured to be 40 inches.
  • The average working depth is measured to be 10 inches.
  • Seed spacing is measured to be 6 inches.


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