Landscape Rakes

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The landscape rakes are specialized farm implements, comprising of hard-tined metal rakes, and are used for gathering debris or unwanted materials from the lawns or gardens. Lawn makers essentially make use of this farm implement, for managing the chores of their gardens or lawns. A landscape rake can be attached to the rear end of the compatible tractor. These rakes can dig through the soil and remove the underlying debris quickly and precisely.


  • Strong tines for remarkable agricultural performance.
  • The tine spacings are adjustable.
  • Resilient as it is made up of steel and therefore cannot be bent or broken apart.
  • Anticorrosive.
  • Tines are replaceable.
  • Economical and of great value.
  • Is compatible with all the 50 Hp tractors.
  • The average width calculated is 1692 mm.
  • The average length calculated is 1608 mm.
  • The total number of tines is 384 tines
  • The estimated bucket capacity is 340 Kg.
  • The overall weight calculated is 503 Kg.
  • The available working width is 1524 mm.


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