Disc Plough

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Soil-related functions, including soil turning, soil mixing, soil breaking, and soil raising need very optimized and resilient farming equipment, and such equipment is easily available at Tractors Zimbabwe, named disc plough. A disc plough makes use of a disc, that tills to the depths of the agricultural fields. It is made up of resistive alloy metal to prevent corrosiveness and works best in stone-infested and sticky soil. Besides, it consists of disc scrappers that are ideally fitted to clean the disc at all times.


  • Rear furrow wheel is loaded with springs.
  • Genuine quality.
  • Verified under ISO 9001 verification laws.
  • Linkage available are Cat l and ll.
  • Operation and maintenance are easy.
  • The disc angle is adjustable to penetrate the soil with more force.
  • The disc scrappers are adjustable to clean the disc from every part.
  • Taper roller discs are provided with re-greaseable bearings.
  • Integrated disc numbers are 2,3,4,5, and 6.
  • Is compatible with all the tractors featuring 50 HP.
  • Tubular type of frame provided with seamless steel pipes.
  • Taper roller type of bearings.


Tractors Zimbabwe came into existence a few years back and since then the farmers of Zimbabwe have been relying upon them for their farming needs. These farmers are on a budget and look forward to investing in affordable and long-lasting agricultural tools to achieve the targeted goal of heaps of harvested crops. You can find qualitative disc ploughs and many other tilling types of equipment, that have made tilling easier and more productive in the long run.