Massive 275 Tractor in Zimbabwe

Model / Type: Massive 275
Horse Power: 72hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.0D
Colour: Green
Condition: Brand New


The Massive Tractor 275 at Tractors Zimbabwe

Are you constantly worrying about investing in farm tractors that may not last long? No more worries, as Tractors Zimbabwe brings the most durable and long-lasting farm tractors whose agricultural performance is unmatched.


Faithful tractor dealers in Zimbabwe

Finding a trustworthy and faithful tractor dealer is important, as a farmer needs to invest in their farming range quite often. In Zimbabwe, reliable tractor dealers are limited and do not have sufficient farm inventory to cater to farming needs. But with Tractors Zimbabwe, your farming future is secured as we have a massive farm inventory, enough for farming requirements. Besides, serving farming customers for a decade, we have built a reputable and faithful image of our brand as reliable tractor dealers in Zimbabwe.


What type of farm inventory does Tractors Zimbabwe behold?

Tractors Zimbabwe is the reputable owner of a colossal farm inventory, from brand new Massive Tractors to high-end tractor attachments, serving Zimbabwean farmers in maximizing their crop ratios. Our farm tractors are developed under the strict supervision of agricultural experts, to make sure these tractors are durable and can serve farmers for generations to come. Besides, you can avail customized farming solutions upon request.


The Massive Tractor 275

The Massive Tractor 275 is one of the top-of-the-line farm tractors, helping Zimbabwean farmers in achieving their desired goals without stressing about more investment and more effort. The Massive Tractor 275 has become the first preference of Zimbabwean farmers around the globe as it is user-friendly, fuel-efficient, and determined to cover long miles.

  • Engine

The engine of the 70 hp tractor is a turbocharged Perkins diesel engine, depicting a compression ratio of 16:1. The measured torque is 1400 RPM which is sufficient for heavy loading and unloading. Besides, the engine is eco-friendly and yields a better fuel economy than the rest of the Massive clan due to the presence of a 70-liter fuel tank.

  • Strength

In addition to being sturdy, rugged, and maneuverable, the Massive Tractor 275 offers a dynamic 2-wheel drive option, capable of driving farming operations more precisely. You can also find a foot pedal system with a differential lock.

  • Transmission

The transmission of the resilient Massive Tractor 275 is of two types, the usual transmission mode with 8 forward gears and 2 backward gears and the multi-power partial power shift transmission system comprising 12 forward gears and 4 reverse gears. The tractor is capable of changing speeds in between these gears and can travel at 30.7 kilometers per hour on average.

  • Miscellaneous

The rugged Massive Tractor 275 has two valves, hydrostatic power-assisted steering, a 30.3-liter hydraulic system, and an 1859 Kg three-point hitch lift capacity. Besides front loaders, a number of tractor attachments can adhere to this quality farm tractor that will bring in a generous amount of revenue once the increasing crop ratios are exported.


Easy to maintain farm tractor

The Massive Tractor 275 is one of the easiest to operate and easiest to maintain. The only maintenance this tractor requires is frequent cleaning hours and oil change as and when required. Besides, there are no other costs required for the maintenance of this robust tractor.

Investing in a Massive Tractor 275 is a wise decision to make, that will simultaneously let you grow more and sow more, so purchase from Tractors Zimbabwe, and get some exciting offers on warranty period and service charges.