Used MF-135 Tractor in Zimbabwe

Model / Type: Massey Ferguson MF 135
Horse Power: 35hp
Transmission: Manual
Color : Red
Condition: Used


Producing the Massey Ferguson 135 comes in two different 2.5-liter Perkins diesel or gasoline engines or a 2.4-liter Continental gasoline engine powered it. Powerful enough to do routine agricultural work, the combined output of the two engines is 45. five horsepower. In earlier versions, it held 38.6 liters of gas, but in later ones, it was increased to 47.7 liters. Enhanced torque is made possible by the multi-power transmission’s clutchless power hitch between high/direct drive and lower speeds. In addition, the total volume of its hydraulic system is 30.3, and its pump can move 17 l/min. The MF135 has a maximum capacity of 1,292 kg when using a 3-point hitch rear of type I. Its back end has a maximum speed of 540 rpm and a torque of 1700 rpm. In addition to four-wheel drive, a two-wheel drive version was also offered. Standard equipment included a steering wheel, braking drums, and an open cab for the driver.

Buying a used MF-135 35 HP tractor

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