New Holland Dabung Tractor in Zimbabwe

Model / Type: New Holland Dabung
Horse Power: 85hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color : Red


The Dabung tractor from New Holland features a strong engine. At the flywheel, it contains an 85HP diesel engine with a 4-stroke direct injection. It can effortlessly balance and haul a maximum 800 pound load on the worn-out fields because to its high torque and heavy duty displacement. This heavy-duty 2WD and 4WD tractor has a savage appearance. Two iron balance equalizers were mounted on the front of this vehicle, a unique approach for this type. There is also adjustable steering based on the driver’s height to accommodate the larger and thicker tires. All manual gearboxes are simple to use and adjust. The engine may be accessed from all three sides by removing the hood from the front. This model’s standout features include a single frontal air exhauster and an instrument panel warning light in blue for high beams.


Price of New Holland Dabung tractor in Zimbabwe

It is possible to buy from Tractors Zimbabwe’s current supply of new NH Dabung 85 HP New Holland tractors in Zimbabwe at a reasonable price. A Dabung 85 HP tractor from NH is available for as little as $7,000 down. The Dabung tractor from New Holland tractors for sale is without a doubt the best tractor on the market for horticulture and agriculture, as well as municipal usage, hobby farmers, homeowners, landscapers, rural lifestyles, and golf courses.


Popularity of New Holland tractors in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s agricultural business may get the biggest bang for its buck by purchasing New Holland tractors for sale from us. The vehicle’s hydraulic power makes the steering system operate very well. Zimbabwe’s largest assortment of agricultural machinery is provided by New Holland tractors for sale, which provide the biggest range of bespoke financing choices and the most reliable parts and service. There is no doubt in the minds of farmers in Zimbabwe that a New Holland tractor will do the job, and do it well. New Holland tractors for sale that can be purchased at Tractors Zimbabwe are known for their adaptability when compared to other brands and types of tractors. Apart from its extensive and long-lasting automation, New Holland tractors in Zimbabwe also offer cheap running expenses and are easy to service.


New Holland tractors at Tractors Zimbabwe

Whether you are looking for a small farm tractor for sale or a New Holland tractor for sale like the NH Dabung tractor, Tractors Zimbabwe is here to help. More production from less work is what you should aim for if you want to get the most out of your farm. Because we only deal with the greatest products for our customers, like you, we are able to provide New Holland Tractors in Zimbabwe at a price you can afford. Different brands of tractors such as New Holland tractors for sale in Zimbabwe are now available from Tractors Zimbabwe.


Why Tractors Zimbabwe is a trusted tractor dealer in Zimbabwe

There are New Holland tractors for sale in Zimbabwe from Tractors Zimbabwe, the leading tractor dealers in Zimbabwe. When it comes to NH Dabung New Holland tractors for sale, you can count on Tractors Zimbabwe to match your expectations in terms of pricing, quality, and delivery time.

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