Massive 240S Tractor in Zimbabwe

Model / Type: Massive 240
Horse Power: 50hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 2.5D
Condition: Brand New


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Our gigantic stock of farm inventory

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Affordable line of tractors

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More credibility and lesser workload

You can get your hands on the most credible tractors of this era namely Massive Tractors by contacting us at Tractors Zimbabwe. Among the competitive line of Massive Tractors, Massive Tractor 240 is one feasible tractor that adjusts to farmers’ needs and reaps productive results. The Massive Tractor 240 is one of those utility tractors that can pretty much perform any farming or construction tasks. For farms of small to medium size, the Massive Tractor 240 is an excellent farm tractor to ride on with some incredible features listed below;

  • Engine specifications

The 3-cylinder diesel engine of the Massive Tractor 240 is dynamic and yields 50Hp of power for facilitating a variety of heavy-duty farming operations. No professional farmers are needed for the operations of Massive Tractor 240 and even a layman can become its pro user. A sturdy mechanical frame compliments the engine in the execution of stressful farming operations.

  • Transmission and Fuel

The Massive Tractor 240 for sale is maneuverable and rugged, catering to farmers’ needs for smooth drive and accomplishes agricultural functions precisely. In doing so, it needs an interrupted supply of fuel which comes from its huge fuel tank of 47.5 L. Besides, its transmission is of sliding spur type with 8 gears to accelerate forward and 2 reverse gears to move backward. In between these gears, the driver can change intermittently between variable speeds

  • Comfort and hydraulics

To deliver flawless operations, manual steering is integrated within, and hydraulic functions include draft control and position control. The overall weight of the tractor is 1,650 kg and the hydraulic system is 36 L. A spring suspension deluxe seat can be found within the tractor cabin and a number of accessory equipment and farm implements can be mounted onto it including pintle hooks, sun canopy, swinging drawbar, and front end weights.

Your ultimate farming partner

The Massive Tractor 240 is your ultimate farming partner, as it is lightweight and can be drifting easily. This tractor is available exclusively in 2 wheel drive option and is durable as such to run for generations delivering similar productive performance since the beginning.

We at Tractors Zimbabwe sell farm tractors that are empowering, sturdy and economical to be able to reach the pockets of every Zimbabwean farmer. So grab them from our trusted tractor dealers in Zimbabwe and increase your working potential significantly.