Massive 390 4WD Tractor in Zimbabwe

Model / Type: Massive 390 4WD
Horse Power: 85hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.1D
Colour: Red
Condition: Brand New


Massive Tractor 390 4WD at Tractors Zimbabwe

Getting your hands on quality and affordable farm tractors these days is quite a task. Here at Tractors Zimbabwe, as your acclaimed tractor dealer operating in Zimbabwe, we are responsible for supplying and delivering affordable and exquisite quality farm tractors throughout the African region.

Our vast Agricultural network

The agricultural network of Tractors Zimbabwe is quite vast and widespread as we offer the most productive, affordable, and top-of-the-line farm tractors from around the world. Tractors Zimbabwe has been thoroughly exploring top-notch agricultural machinery and supplying it to Zimbabwe’s farmers, who are in utmost need to reduce the agricultural debt they are burdened with.

Tractors Zimbabwe brings forth brand new Massive Tractors, farm implements, accessories, spare parts, and what not. Besides, keeping the rates of the quality farming resources minimal, highly favors the buying power of Zimbabwean farmers, hence they can get access to the globe’s most competent agricultural machinery inexpensively.

Farm Tractors and their uses in Zimbabwe

Without a good farm tractor, a farmer takes weeks to finish off arduous farming tasks. In doing so, farmers are extremely exhausted and consume excessive costs for fulfilling requirements of subsequent labor and buying/renting land for cattle management. On the contrary, with farm tractors, the entire harvesting process is hassle-free and quicker than ever as farm tractors swiftly perform farming tractors instead of farmers and the farmers only have to drive the mounted farm tractors. Once invested in farmers, no more additional labor is required as farming operations can be dealt with single-handedly, and cattle are no more needed since tractors can do the necessary tasks.

Massive Tractor 390 4WD – Specs and features

An absolute and terrific farm tractor is the Massive Tractor 390 4WD, whose agricultural performance is incomparable and unbeatable in all respect. With a Massive Tractor 390, all your farming worries are bygone and you are left with mechanized farming operations for simpler and hassle-free farming. A number of farm implements can be mounted to this tractor, increasing its feasibility and credibility. These include front-end loaders, bowsers, and many more.

This farm tractor for sale in Zimbabwe is categorized among the heavy tractors as it weighs around 3295 kg. The Massive tractor 390 has a robust Perkins diesel engine of natural inspiration type. The engine makes use of a liquid cooling system and a thermostat valve to combat the increasing temperature within the engine systems. A mechanical and highly protective frame surrounds the engine to withstand harsh climatic conditions.

There exist 3 types of transmission within this diesel engine tractor;

  • Sliding spur type of transmission with 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears.
  • Multi-Power, power shift type of transmission with 12 forward gears and 4 reverse gears.
  • Synchromesh type of transmission with 12 forward gears and 4 reverse gears.

The Massive Tractor 390 4WD is powered by some spectacular features, making it unique and dynamic in terms of agricultural and commercial performance. For it requires 80 hp of power, the Massive Tractor 390 is integrated with a 12V battery, a hydrostatic power steering, 7.6 L engine oil capacity, and differential wet disc brakes.

The future of your crops is in your hands

Depending upon what you want, the future of your next harvest lies within your hands. With our qualitative and beastly farm tractors, the next crop generation of cotton, tobacco, maize, wheat, groundnuts, etc. will be of top quality.

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