Sub Soiler

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A subsoiler can be named as a flat lifter and is seen attached to the rear end of the compatible farm tractor. This type of farm implement is used by farmers when the soil needs to be resettled for the growing crops. One of the very productive farm tools for deep tillage and can reach those untouched depths of the soil where other agricultural attachments are unable to reach. With the loosening soil effect, the growing crops are nurtured since a continuous aerial supply exists.


  • Visible reduction in the cultivation expenses.
  • Soil yields are improved, both quality and quantity-wise.
  • The developing crops receive better nourishment access as a result of deep tillage.
  • Moisture is retained within.
  • Durable and resilient since steel is the major component.
  • Even in the most challenging times, crop productivity is improved.
  • The brightening of the dirty plough pan can be seen.
  • Since rainwater is absorbed, the moisture is locked within.
  • All tractors featuring 75 Hp are compatible.
  • The mentioned model number is OTI-01/S.
  • The average working depth is 21” (53 cm).
  • Steel channel frame.
  • The optimum linkage category is ½.


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