Chisel Plough

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A chisel plough is one of the very basic farm implements, required by farmers to perform deep tillage accurately. This sharp farm implement is handy enough to dig into the soil surface, allowing air to pass through it thus sufficing the requirements of nourishment. Besides, the rate of compaction is also greatly reduced when a chisel plough is used. Farmers of Zimbabwe highly prefer this farm implement for tillage-related functions as it easily breaks up the hardpan pretty swiftly while the other tractor attachments find it a bit hard to break. A chisel plough can reach the soil depth up to 20 inches.


  • Soil surface crusts can be crushed down using this farming tool.
  • Soil erosion is minimized.
  • Hardpan is easily broken down.
  • Tillage depth recorded to be 20 inches.
  • The effect of compaction is reduced greatly.
  • Tillage is best in damp soil.
  • When the soil is tilled deeply, the passage of airflow is improved.
  • Is compatible with all the tractors featuring 50 HP to 85 HP.
  • The approximate working width is 1.20 meters.
  • Heavy steel box of the frame is embedded within.
  • Replaceable tines.
  • Tines quantity is variable from 3 to 5.
  • The average weight is 225 – 360 Kg.
  • Linkage categories are I and II.


For tillage-related farming operations, farmers of Zimbabwe were always concerned. Breaking up the hardpan of Zimbabwean soil swiftly and precisely was another major concern troubling farmers. To help them battle their farming concerns, Tractors Zimbabwe has come forth with its reliable and high-end agricultural machinery that has taken the agricultural world by storm. The farm implements available at Tractors Zimbabwe are immensely efficient and easy to operate thus simplifying ways of farming for Zimbabwean farmers.