Fodder Cutter

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An everyday farm implement is a fodder cutter, which can be found in almost all farm inventories. The presence of a fodder cutter makes a farmer independent to make fodder of their own. A fodder cutter can also be named as a chaff cutter. When the animal fodder is cut down with a workable fodder cutter, the heaps of fodder produced are of minimal size and therefore can be gulped down the throat of farm animals without rejecting any part of it.


  • Durable and economical.
  • Easy to operate and easy to maintain.
  • Food produced is of great nutritious value.
  • Fewer wastage ratios.
  • Sharp and long-lasting blades that work for a lifetime.
  • A variety of crops can be cut down.
  • Verified under the laws of ISO 9001 verification.
  • Of genuine export quality.
  • Feed is affordable.
  • Forage quality is improved and the animals engulf it.
  • Forage produced is of extremely small size.
  • A total of 2 and 4 discs and knives can be found respectively.
  • Is compatible with all the 50 HP tractors.
  • The optimum weight calculated is 375 Kg.


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