Mould Board Plough

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A mould board plough is a curved plate that is used by farmers for soil lifting, or partially turning it upside down. It is one of the finest tilling equipment as it is handy and can cut and effectively bury soil trash. Moreover, this farm implement is used for turning green manure crops to initiate the decaying process. With its soil turning and soil cutting effect, animal dunk can be mixed thoroughly within soil composition.


  • Wear-resistant steel blade performs the toughest ploughing and tilling applications.
  • Replaceable cutting surfaces can be seen working.
  • Soil surface can be cleaned promptly.
  • A number of soil-related applications, soil turning, soil mixing, soil raising, etc. can be performed using this effective farming tool.
  • Even in sticky and stony rooted soil, this farm implement is immensely effective.
  • Desirable weight measured is 225 to 360 Kg.
  • Of farrow numbers: 2, 3, and 4.
  • Is compatible with all the 50 Hp tractors.
  • The defined linkage category is I & II.
  • The working depth measured is 85 cm to 90 cm.
  • The maximum depth measured is 22 cm to 25 cm.


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