Rear Blade

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A rear blade, as the name implies, is a blade-shaped rear angle farm implement that can be mounted to the compatible tractor, to ensure farming functions like grading, road construction, driveways, etc. can be made with ease. Besides grading, is one of the very useful farming tools that can clear the pathways by removing light substances such as snow, sand, etc. Farmers of Zimbabwe largely rely on the rear blade for the management of pathways. Earthmoving and ground leveling applications can also be furnished with this effective grading tool.


  • Multipurpose and economical.
  • Is verified under the laws of ISO 9001 verification.
  • Of genuine quality.
  • One of the affordable farming tools is to be kept for farm maintenance.
  • Irrigation channels and digs can be made easily through persistent digging.
  • Applications of backfilling can be smoothly performed too.
  • All tractors featuring 50 Hp or above are compatible.
  • Length is measured to be 5 feet.
  • Weight is measured to be 170 Kg.
  • The width is measured to be 7 feet.
  • The angle adjustment is measured to be 0 to 40 Degrees.


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