Rear Mounted Dozer

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Rear mounted dozer is a tractor-mounted farm implement that is known for its ability to perform multiple farming operations. One of the many functions of a rear-mounted dozer is to maintain the agricultural fields and farmyards precisely. This farm implement can neatly chop off all the unwanted growing grass debris that might depict the ugly appearance of the farmyards. It is handy and affordable therefore is widely used by farmers for managing the management of agricultural fields independently.


  • Affordable and can execute multiple ranges of farming operations.
  • Easily attached to the compatible farm tractors.
  • Is verified under the laws of ISO 9001 verification.
  • Of genuine quality.
  • Able to offset, backfill, and dig canals effectively.
  • The cutting edges can be replaced easily once worn out.
  • The blades can be adjusted and henceforth can cover a distance equal to that of a circumference.
  • All tractors featuring 50 Hp or above are compatible.
  • The adjustment angles may vary from 0 to 360 Degrees.
  • The average length and width of the blades are estimated to be 5 feet and 7 feet respectively.
  • The optimum weight of the blade measured is 170 Kg.


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